Creative digital design, advertising and interactive audio guides

Do Something Digital, (formerly Galactus est. 2008), is an independent creative agency in Bristol developing fun, original websites, online advertising, games, video, apps and interactive audio guides for marketing campaigns.

We help brands drive awareness and sales by creating engaging digital advertising content, tools, and unique interactive audio guides that function within locations, products, and promotional print material triggering a simulated two-way dialogue.

We work with startups and some of the largest publishers, entertainment, and children’s media brands, helping them develop their strategy, build briefs, provide efficiencies and take what exists transforming it into something compelling that will connect with their audience.

Our Work

An animation for Bupa to help children feel less anxious about being indoors during lockdown.

Bupa 'Comfort Kit'

Interactive audio guides for publishers, brands and family attractions.

Interactive Audio Guides

A user friendly search tool that’s both intuitive and visually appealing.

OUP Dictionary selectors

Clients we’ve worked for